Ancient Empires Reproductions


Ancient Empires Reproductions is a new brand of high quality Living History and reenactment products and replicas from the Ancient World. We plan for the future to supply items for different Ancient cultures, starting with a line of Gladiator items as well as Greek and Roman military and civilian items. These will be followed by product lines for early Italian, "Celtic", "Germanic" and Hellenistic Living History. Our Products are developed by Mr. Christian Koepfer, a lecturer in Ancient History and Roman Provincial Archaeology at the University of Ausgburg, Mr. Matt Lukes Roman military arms and armour expert and artisan of Fabrica Romanorum Custom Ancient Recreations and the Roman Army Talk Forum, and world-renowned mail reconstruction artisan and expert Mr. Erik D Schmid. Each object is designed to be as close to its original artifact(s) as possible while still remaining affordable- wherever possible even orignal techniques and materials are used.  100% pure wool and linen, only vegetable-tanned leather and even real bronze for Greek and Roman gear prior to the introduction and widespread use of brass are among the materials that go into our recreations as our goal is to provide the collector, reenactor and living historian with the highest quality, most accurate pieces available anywhere. Please enjoy our site!


Our Craft

Our products fulfill highest quality standards. AER products are used on a wide scale in Academic research by German Universities.